How can I get a cheap Louis Vuitton?

Designer items of Louis Vuitton often come with a really high price. A small bag can cost as much as your whole month’s salary or even more. Maybe you can be stressed with the question of ”How can I get a cheap Louis Vuitton?”, right?

The fact is that Louis Vuitton rarely gives its customers a sale-off, coupon, discount, or something else relevant. Don’t worry, we are here for you. In this post, we will give you the best ways to purchase Louis Vuitton products at a more affordable price as well as to save a lot of money.

How can I get a cheap Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton bag

Purchase Louis Vuitton in Paris or European countries

If you are not a European citizen, congratulations, you can use this way to make your trip to these countries more memorable and useful.

The secret here is that you can save more money with a tax refund. The money you can take back is around 10-20% for Louis Vuitton products. This is better than any other sale-offs of this brand.

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Take advantage of discounts in department stores

How can I get a cheap Louis Vuitton? 2

The store sells Louis Vuitton

There are many retail stores or department stores that sell Louis Vuitton and of course, they have special perks for their loyal customers.

You can be assured that they have more deals than official Louis Vuitton outlets because they sell other products, too. When you buy multi items on their sale-offs, these stores will discount your total bill.

If Louis Vuitton products showing up on your list, this is how you save a lot on your designer goods. Moreover, don’t forget to ask whether their offers apply to Louis Vuitton items or not before you buy them.

Buy Pre-Owned products

How can I get a cheap Louis Vuitton? 3

Pre-owned Louis Vuitton

Do you want to get 100% authentic Louis Vuitton items at an unbelievable price? If the answer is ”Yes”, you can take it this way. Pre-owned handbags will help you save more money than you think.

They have a lot of price ranges depending on the status of the thing you want to buy. If you are lucky, you can buy a 90% used item for half the retail price in the store.

Make sure to choose reliable shops if you purchase goods online. Besides, ask carefully about the authentication of the products before buying anything to avoid fake items.

Use Discounted Gift Cards

How can I get a cheap Louis Vuitton? 4

Sale-off season

As we mentioned above, Louis Vuitton doesn’t have coupons. However, you still can get discounted gift cards for this luxury brand from other sources.

Some online sites like Gift Card Granny and Raise do sell these gift cards. However, they often sell out in a very short time. Should you want to take it, you will need to be faster than others who have the same purpose.

Register for the newsletter

This tip can save your time, too. Admit it! You cannot check the Louis Vuitton website all day, stop by their stores every day to get the newest bags or to buy one at the right time they have promotions.

Let make everything easier by signing for this brand’s newsletter. They will automatically update related information about Louis Vuitton via email for you as soon as possible. How convenient!

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