How Can You Tell An Authentic Gucci Bags From Fake

Gucci bags are luxury fashion accessories that are “hunted” by discerning followers and big stars. Gucci bags with luxurious, classy and youthful design help enhance the value of their users. However, because it is an expensive and famous brand, it is inevitable to be a lot of counterfeiters. So let’s find out how to distinguish Authentic Gucci – fake handbags accurately, simply and effectively.

1. Check out the Gucci bag logo

To check if that is an authentic Gucci bag or not, first look at the details of the brand logo on the bag. The Gucci real bag always has a beautiful, clear, and smooth logo, printed or engraved on the product clearly, with bold and light strokes visible immediately.

In contrast, fake products can be printed shallow, uneven, not following a certain font of the company, without bold strokes. Observing carefully will not realize that it is not durable and sharp as the genuine product. No matter how sophisticated a fake Gucci bag is, it is impossible to “mimic” the luxury that real bags own.

Gucci logo printed

2. Check out the genuine Gucci bag through the stitches

– Genuine Gucci bags are hand stitched, so it’s very careful and meticulous. The straight seams are all beautiful, with no residue left behind, just interrupted. It can be said that the seam of the genuine Gucci bag not only helps to define the form of the bag but also is considered as an expensive decoration of this luxury product.

Gucci Bag stiches

– With fake Gucci bags sewn by industrial machines, the seams certainly cannot be as uniform and meticulous as with handmade work. Form Designs bags are also not sure are nice, looks inferior to, and easy to be rusty. The returning thread that is left over or has an error during sewing. Watching carefully will recognize immediately.

3. Check the material of the Gucci bag

Genuine Gucci handbags are made from the highest quality materials, are durable and beautiful over time, and can withstand external influences, are always luxurious and high-class. In contrast, cheap fake Gucci bags will only use poor quality, non-standard and sturdy form, the fabric quickly degrades and fades.For some products you can check by using a magnifying glass to check for fabric fear, if a genuine Gucci bag will have a fabric line woven from 6 small and uniform braids, in contrast to imitation bags, the thread lines rough, easy to fiber and distorted.

Gucci Bag Materials

For some products you can check by using a magnifying glass to check for fabric fear, if a genuine Gucci bag will have a fabric line woven from 6 small and uniform braids, in contrast to imitation bags, the thread lines rough, easy to fiber, and distorted.

If it is genuine leather Gucci, it will be made from the most beautiful leather, with elasticity and smooth cool when touching the leather. In contrast, fake ones are only made of cheap PU leather, you can smell a strong rubber smell, shiny and no good elasticity.

4. Check out the details on the Gucci bag

Do not ignore the metal details on the Gucci bag, because it is one of the important factors to recognize the auth – fake Gucci bag. In authentic Gucci bag, the metal details such as zippers, lock arms are finely designed, have nice luster and gloss, reflect good light, smooth surface, do not have any scratches.

Gucci bags detail

Gucci bags detail

With fake Gucci bags, it does not look luxurious, does not have good optical control such as authentic bags, the metal decorative details are also out of alignment, the contours are not smooth and sophisticated.

5. Check out the Controllato card on Gucci bags

The Controllato Card when included with each new Gucci bag is proof that the bag has been tested after completion. (Controllato means “checked out”). Every new genuine Gucci bag will have this one.

Gucci Controllato card

Gucci bag controllato card

The controllato inscription is clearly printed and sharp, just below the product’s serial number. This code is unique on one product and not duplicated.

6. Inquire about the address and the seller in advance

To verify whether a Gucci bag is genuine or not, the reputation of the address of the store is also a very important factor.
☛ View reviews, comments and feedback of customers who have bought products here, if you receive many positive reviews, you can rest assured.
☛ If you buy online, make sure the seller shows you as many detailed and clear pictures of the product as possible.
☛ Do not buy the product from the address without a warranty and return policy
☛ The address which sells too well should be careful because branded products, especially genuine Gucci handbags, never cost less than 800$. Unless you’re buying second hands on a reputable sales site!
☛ Do not buy products from sellers who say they have genuine Gucci bags in wholesalers or be disposed of. Because its high-end branded products are never discounted, and there are no stores selling inventory, so stay away from such sales!

The above article is our sharing on how to distinguish GUCCI Auth and Fake handbags, hope it will help you have more experience to buy a genuine GUCCI bag. Be a smart shopper!

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