How do you know a real Gucci bag?

It will be a big disappointment when you spend a lot of money to buy a luxury Gucci bag then figure out that it was fake, right? But how do you know a real Gucci bag? Get what you’re paying for with some help full tips below.

Consider the price

How do you know a real Gucci bag?

Price of a Gucci Bag

The first tip for you to spot a fake bag is based on its price. You should have some knowledge about the average price of Gucci items or your favorite purse’s price on the market before buying it.

The cheapest bag of the Gucci House cost at least $620. Therefore, consider carefully if someone is trying to sell you a new bag of Gucci with the price under $300. It cannot be an authentic one.

See the packing

How do you know a real Gucci bag? 2

See the package

If you buy a brand new handbag, make sure to examine its packing state. They will never pack a real bag in a plastic package. It must come in a dust bag and often put in a fancy carton bag or box with the Gucci logo.

Now, new Gucci items also have a “QR” code on the pack for you to check whether they are genuine or not.

Check the origin tag

How do you know a real Gucci bag? 3

Made in Italy Tag

The simplest step to spot a fake product is checking the label tag inside the bag. We assure you that all Gucci goods are 100% produced in Italy. If your Gucci bag was made somewhere else and doesn’t have the stamp of MADE IN ITALY, it is definitely an imposter.

Check the quality

How do you know a real Gucci bag? 4

Check the quality of the bag

This step is really important. As you can see, all Gucci bag products are made from high-quality Italian leather. If your bag is cracking or has pleather, it can be real.

In addition to that, Gucci purses are also crafted by skillful artisans. Should the stitchings are poor or threads are popping out, these are signs of a counterfeit bag.

Moreover, you should care about the Gucci logo, too. No matter it is an embroider, hardware, or a stamp printed inside the bag, the logo must look perfect with two-letter interlocking Gs.

Examine the hardware

How do you know a real Gucci bag? 5

Check the hardware

It is no coincidence that Gucci bag is so popular. They are taken care of in every process including choosing the hardware.

From zippers, trims to locks and chain straps, they are never made out of plastic or soft metal. For this reason, an authentic Gucci purse is durable through time.

Look at the Controllato Card

How do you know a real Gucci bag? 6

See the Controllato Card

Each Gucci designer bag comes with a Controllato Card. It is an inspection sticker of Gucci to confirm that bag has been verified quality.

There is a Gucci word written in capital letters on the top of this card. Under it is a series of 10 numbers (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0). You can consult more from the sample in the picture above.


Above are some tips we have collected for you. We hope that they will help you in spotting real or fake Gucci bags. If you know other useful ways to authenticate Gucci products, don’t hesitate to comment in this post. Thank you and see you soon on other topics.

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