How to Clean Louis Vuitton Bag – Tips From Experts

We have to pay a lot of money to purchase Louis Vuitton bags, purses, or other items like wallets, accessories. There is no doubt that no one wants to see these high fashion and fairly expensive products being damage or deterioration. That is why it is important to clean them in the right ways. In this post, we will show you how to clean Louis Vuitton Bag with some useful tips from experts.

How to Clean Louis Vuitton Bag - Tips From Experts

Louis Vuitton Bag

How to Clean the Outside of a Louis Vuitton Bag

As you can see, the first thing that impresses buyers is a product’s appearance. That is why first of all, we will talk about how to make LV bags’ outside new again. Since Louis Vuitton Bags are crafted from various materials, you will need to use different methods to clean them.

Clean Monogram Canvas

Since canvas is a PVC coating, not leather, you can use baby wipes, cleaners such as micellar water, or slightly soap water to give the pieces a good cleaning. Remember to take a fragrance-free and alcohol-free brand to avoid color transfer.

Clean Louis Vuitton Vernis Leather

Vernis Leather features a shiny surface. For this reason, you should only use water and a non-abrasive damp rag when cleaning it. A plus tip for you: If there is an oily stain on your LV items, put a little cornstarch and rub the affected areas softly. Then, vacuum that area. Cornstarch is really useful in absorb grease and reduce stains.

Clean Vachetta Leather Handles and Trim

Vachetta is natural cowhide leather that is often used to make handles and trims. We do not recommend you clean it with any chemicals. Just give the leather once-over with a baby wipe to preserve its original patina. It will be better if you add a leather waterproofing agent after cleaning to help protect it from rain or snow.

Polish Tarnished Brass and Brass-Tone Hardware

Continue with the bag’s hardware. With these parts, you can use baby wipes first. Then, try a specific cleaner like a dry Magic Eraser to gently buff out the discoloration. Should you want to do a full restoration with a metal polish, you must be really careful when polishing hardware because it can damage the Vachetta leather.

How to Clean the Inside of a Louis Vuitton Bag

Louis Vuitton bag feature lining leather or fabric inside. Therefore, you can easily clean it by using items already have in your home. Follow some simple steps below to do it:

  • Take all your stuff out of the bag. Don’t forget to check zipper pockets.
  • Turn the bag upside down over the rubbish can and pat gently the bottom of the bag to get rid of small loose.
  • Use the unscented baby wipes to wipe the interior part of the bag and remove most of the buildup. If there are heavier buildups, drop some mild laundry detergent over a damp rag before wiping. After that, wash the rag and wipe the bag again.
  • You can also use hairspray and a damp cloth to remove ink stains.

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