How To Protect A Designer Handbag? – Best Tips For You

Can you calculate how much you have spent to buy a designer bag or purse? We believe that the money and of course, your effort to invest in these luxury items were never small. That is why it is really important to take good care of your designer baby from the very first day you purchase it. So, how to protect a designer handbag?

How To Protect A Designer Handbag? - Best Tips For You

How To Protect A Designer Handbag?

Make your precious bags last longer (or forever) with some useful care tips for luxury bags below:

Use Conditioner Spray

High-end leather products cost you a lot of money but the conditioner tools don’t. Just think about the benefit they could bring back for you and you will be proud of this small investment.

The waterproof and conditioner spray can help protect your leather items better. As a result, your bags can last longer. If you never use it before, we highly recommend you get a conditioner spray for your leather bags.

Don’t let liquid stuff damage your bags

A lot of women admitted that they have accidentally destroyed their leather bags because of an improperly closed makeup product or throwing them into the washing machine.

To avoid that, you can protect your designer items from spillage mishaps by using a pouch or cosmetics bag to place all the liquids before putting them in your tote.

Store your bags in the right way

No matter how lazy you are, don’t toss or pile your bags in your wardrobe. If you want to maintain their newness and quality, it is really important to store them properly.

You don’t have to do it as a professional, but at least, remember some basic steps to take care of your luxury bags. For example, don’t throw away the dust bags. Use it to cover the purse when you don’t use it.

Besides, you can also put tissue paper in your handbags to keep its shape; wrap the handle in the paper, cloth or put it within the bags to avoid scratching the surface.

Get rid of stains immediately

Once you see a stain in your designer bag, you should clean it as soon as possible. Why? Because the more the stain stays on the surface, the harder you remove it.

You can take a damp cloth to wipe the stain or use some specific leather cleaning tool to clean it. If this solution doesn’t work, bring your items to the leather cleaning store.

And what will you do if your bags have unpleasant odors? Well, you can use baking soda or put some dryer sheet in your bag to get rid of it. Don’t spray perfume in your bag because it can make the smell worse.

Don’t wear your bags too often

Well, this is not a joke. Although you invested a lot in your luxury bag, it doesn’t mean you have to use it every single day. Changing bags in the rotation can helps remain their longevity.

Apart from that, you have a collection of bags, right? There is nothing wrong to highlight your style with different bags every day. It is even a good way to preserve your valuable purses.

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