Is Gucci cheaper in Italy? How to get better prices

Designer bags of Gucci are attractive for their beauty, quality, and exclusiveness. Almost every girl in this world always wants to have as many luxury bags of this brand as possible. However, to own a Gucci item, you need to spend a lot of money to buy it in American. So, is Gucci cheaper in Italy?

Is Gucci cheaper in Italy? How to get better prices

Gucci shoes in the store

As you may know, Gucci is an Italian fashion house. The main material they use to make a Gucci product is also high-quality leather manufactured in Italy. That is why many people wonder whether Gucci is cheaper in Italy or not.

There are a lot of mixed opinions related to this question. Some say “Yes” and some give the opposite answer. We will reveal our point of view at the end of this post. Before that, let take a look at some interesting facts about Gucci if you buy some goodies in the boot-shaped country.

The number of Gucci outlets in Italy

Is Gucci cheaper in Italy? How to get better prices 2

Gucci outlets in Italy

Gucci’s official stores and outlets are spread across this country. You can find the Gucci bag you want almost everywhere and on any day of the week. If you are lucky, you can even buy some items that cut off 50% of the original prices.

Unique and exclusive Gucci bags

Is Gucci cheaper in Italy? How to get better prices 3

Quality Gucci bags

As we mentioned above, Italy is home to Gucci. Acquiring a Gucci purse in this country means you are buying a product from the source.

You can totally get a special or limited-version bag that cannot be found in other regions or countries on this planet. This priority only happens when you stop by Italian stores.

The disparity in price

Is Gucci cheaper in Italy? How to get better prices 4

Shopping without paying VAT

If you are not a European citizen, what we are going to tell you now will definitely make you happier. Should you be a tourist or any person who lives outside the European Union, you can go shopping without paying VAT at some stores in Italy.

VAT is an abbreviation ‘Value Added Tax’ – a tax assessed on the value added to goods and services. Because this tax is included in the cost of the product, you will receive a VAT refund at the store after you finish your buying or at the customs office in the airport before you leave the country.

You will also be surprised to know that purchasing Gucci in Italy can help you save from 10 to 25%. When acquiring luxury goodies, the percentage refunded can help you get more savings. It gets even better if you buy the product in large numbers.

However, don’t forget to consider currency exchange rates before buying any high-end items. In some case, many claims that there is no difference between a handbag bought in Italy and other countries.


With all the information we gave you, we believe that you can figure out the answer to the question of “Is Gucci cheaper in Italy?”. If you have other opinions about this topic, feel free to leave a comment under this post. Thank you and bye for now.

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